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PilotLight makes it easy to connect your business to forums.

Your customers use forums to make and share their product purchase decisions. PilotLight listens to what they are saying, so your business can learn from and respond to customers where they congregate.

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How PilotLight got started

While PilotLight started in 2012, our founder has been working with forums since the late 1990s. With a background in software development, he built and operated an automotive forum and supported over eighty advertisers with forum features and techniques that emphasized community participation, improving reputation, and integrating customer feedback into product development. This experience and love for helping companies use technology to do more without adding resources inspired the creation of PilotLight.

Our mission

To connect businesses with their most enthusiastic customers so that consumer feedback drives product improvement and have those products, in turn, make consumers ecstatic.

We’ve captured and processed more than


forum posts.

Our Core Values

What gets us excited every morning

Connecting businesses and customers

Using technology to open communication between businesses and customers so that both benefit.


Helping business do more with the resources they have


Participating in the growth and success of businesses that we work with

The history of the PilotLight name

The name came from the small flame that is found on water heaters. It is always on, ready at all times to light a burner, and heat water. This follows our belief in using software to automate tasks that computers are good at...looking for and processing information that might be interesting to us while we do other things. When something is found, it alerts us, and ignites new opportunities. PilotLight is always on.

7 Ways Forums Can Give You That Competitive Edge

Gathering intelligence from enthusiast forums and acting on it can transform your business. We share seven insights that will give your business a competitive advantage.

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