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Let's Get Acquainted

Your Business. Forums. It's Not Complicated.

Your customers are using forums. Your business should be too. PilotLight's software platform and best practices enable you to keep up and engage with forums, develop insight, build brand awareness, reputation, and sales. Plus, head off the potential of a PR crisis.

We don't build and manage forums. PilotLight works with companies to reach customers and build brand equity using enthusiast forums.


Detect. Interact. Measure. Discover. Repeat.

PilotLight is a service, searching and sifting 24/7, through thousands of forum posts. Filtering. Organizing. Finding where your company and products are being discussed. You choose how to engage. PilotLight tracks your efforts so you can identify what's working and what isn't.


Technology and Best Practices. Developed in the Trenches.

We use our own platform. We developed it, line by line over six years, based on our experiences working with and on behalf of forum-engaged businesses. We've learned a lot. We share this expertise openly with our customers.


White Glove Treatment

We are a team of two and work directly with our customers. No sales team. No customer support team. We are your customer success agent. You call or email. We answer. We listen and tune PilotLight to meet your needs. And we'll be on a first name basis.


Crush It

Companies who know that their customers are not only on Facebook and Instagram. Companies that want to reach customers wherethey're congregating.You're our kind of company. We'll do great things together.



Options. Choices. To Match Your Goals.


Already have your own team that drives your forum presence? Use PilotLight to respond more quickly and cover more forums without adding more people.

$145/month for 1st forum, $65/month each additional forum

No set up fee.

Free 1 Month Trial

PilotLight Plus

It's all the tools we use ourselves to provide the Forum Presence service but geared for your team.

Starting at $245/month for 1st forum, $95/month each additional forum

Goal setting, progress monitoring, near real-time notifications of brand and thread updates, tracking of reads and replies to your threads. We'll train you to get the most out of our tools and forums plus develop unique insights. You'll totally rule.

PilotLight Forum Presence

No staff for forums? No problem. With PilotLight and 20 years of forum best-practices we can build and manage your forum presence. Your very own outsourced forum superheroes.

Starting at $345/month for 1st forum, $165/month each additional forum

We take our customers and products seriously. We train ourselves to be as knowledgeable as your customer support team so we can engage in very detailed forum discussions. The insights obtained working on your behalf are fed back to your teams. We don't just post "we have a sale going on"and call it a day.


Hi. I'm Mark.

I've been developing software and working with forums for two decades. I'm a gearhead, hiker, off-road adventure motorcycle instructor, and enthusiast of craft coffee. I love working with companies that care about the products they make, how they treat their employees, and how they serve their customers. Not everyone sees forums as a way to build brand awareness, sales, and customer loyalty. I do. Since you are reading this you probably do too. Let's get connected. I'd welcome the opportunity to get to know you, your business, and see what we can do together. At a minimum, we'll come away with some new friends.